One of the truly unique features of Lyons House Bed and Breakfast is our collection of paintings by Canadian artist Linda Hankin.

Guests love the bold, bright colours and stunning images as much as we do. Linda Hankin’s paintings are displayed throughout the main floor and adorn the walls of Lady Catherine’s Suite.

About Linda

Linda Hankin’s professional career began in March 1989 after she graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Arts, but her personal life has also had great influence on her art.

In 1978 Linda and her husband Philip moved to the Niagara Region from Toronto. The couple purchased an old farmhouse in the country and this subject has remained a constant in Hankin’s paintings. In 1992 Linda had four solo exhibitions. One, held at the Niagara Falls Art Gallery (Kurelek Collection), was entitled “A Personal to Public Landscape”. The other three exhibitions dealt with “Nature’s Holy Places” and the “Landscape as a Constant”.

In August 1992 Hankin was invited to join other artists for “On the Edge”, a project using visual arts to focus attention on the value of the natural environments of the Hamilton Region, and to encourage its preservation. Two of Hankin’s paintings were published in the book “On the Edge: Artistic Visions of a Shrinking Landscape”. The book was launched at the Art Gallery of Ontario in December 1995.

Lyons House B&B’s unique Art Gallery – for the exclusive enjoyment of our Guests

Linda acquired a studio/residency in southern Spain in 1994, also traveling and painting in Belgium and France. After returning to Niagara, Linda had several solo exhibitions throughout 1995 including one at Rodman Hall Arts Centre entitled “Linda Hankin: Portrait of the Self” in which an essay was written by the Director, David Aurandt. This was the year that her husband, Philip, became very ill from a surgical complication due to cancer. It was during his convalescence that Hankin produced a large body of lap-size, intimate pieces as she stayed at Philip’s side. Following Philip’s death in 1999, Hankin opened the School of Ideas in Visual Art-Studio and Gallery, dedicated to the memory of her husband.

In April 1997 two of her floral paintings were accepted into the Albright Knox Member’s Gallery in Buffalo, New York, and again in 1999 and 2000, and 2001. As of 1996 Hankin has been registered with the National Gallery of Canada as a contemporary Canadian Artist and is in the archives of the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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